Recent Developments

Femtosecond laser-assisted Cataract Surgery offered through Wills Eye Warminster

We are proud to offer laser-assisted cataract surgery through Wills Eye in Warminster.  We have now acquired the technology needed to attempt to improve our already excellent outcomes in cataract surgery.  This exciting technology is to help improve the chances of living life more glasses-independent after cataract surgery.

For patients desiring less dependency on corrective lenses, cataract surgery by traditional techniques has in many cases been able to deliver very good outcomes.  However, LASIK surgery achieves glasses independence at a higher rate than traditional cataract surgery.  Femtosecond cataract surgery is an attempt to reduce that gap in outcomes.

In LASIK, the femtosecond laser has improved our outcomes utilizing laser technology for flap creation.  Although we are not creating a flap with this laser, we will be using the same femtosecond technology during cataract surgery.

Femtosecond laser cataract surgery is a non-insurance covered option for those seeking an increased chance of not requiring glasses after cataract surgery.  If glasses independence is not a high priority or you enjoy wearing corrective lenses, femtosecond cataract surgery is not necessary.  Like LASIK, there are out-of-pocket costs in addition to any co-payments that you may have for the cataract removal itself.  These costs will vary based on the lens selected and will be discussed in the office prior to scheduling and will be paid to Wills Eye Institute at the time of the surgery.

Like all surgeries, there can be no guarantees given and complications may occur.  Complications may limit the final visual outcome.  Should a complication arise, we will empathetically work with you to attempt to improve your situation.



New-  Patient Directed enrollment in the NextGen Patient Portal

We are now able to directly enroll patients without a token in our patient portal.  The portal allows you to check on your appointment status, view your electronic chart and request medication refills or appointments.  We strongly encourage you to check it out!


Portal direct link


Eye Associates is now offering the Tecnis Symfony lens for qualified candiates


The Tecnis Symfony IOL is a new class of lens implant available to qualified candidates who need cataract surgery, and are interested in wearing glasses less frequently after surgery.  The lens is an extended depth of focus lens that spreads out light along a range, instead of focusing on one point of focus.  It is available to those with or without astigmatism.  Compared to prior multifocal options, there is a lower degree of glare and haloes around light sources at night.

The lens is considered "elective" and is not covered under insurance plans.  The additional charges will be discussed at the time of your cataract consultation with your doctor.






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