Laser vision correction (LASIK or PRK) at Eye Associates

Proudly offering CustomVue™ LASIK- Utilizing Wavefront Technology, with Intralase bladeless LASIK flaps (iLASIK).

What are the benefits of Custom bladeless LASIK?

The benefits of Wavefront guided laser vision correction include:

  • Higher chance of seeing higher definition vision, better in low contrast and achieving 20/20.
  • The ability to offer treatment to people with larger pupils to reduce the chance of night glare.
  • Lower risk of enhancements compared to treatments performed without CustomVue

LASIK Surgery | ChalfontLASIK is an exciting surgical procedure that is capable of correcting a wide range of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. LASIK is currently the most commonly performed refractive procedure in the United States. The FDA has approved the VISX S4 laser and the VISX WaveScan to measure and correct vision to levels previously not possible with standard LASIK. The WaveScan measures your prescription 25 times more accurately than before. Also, it measures and corrects microscopic imperfections called “higher-order” aberrations that glasses, contacts or standard LASIK do not treat. This offers a truly custom approach to correcting your eye to further enhance our LASIK results. All patients have a free wavefront analysis performed as part of their evaluation for laser vision correction.

How We are Different than Many Refractive Practices

We understand that the decision to undergo a surgical procedure on your eyes is a very big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will evaluate the results of your surgery for the rest of your life. That’s why we have chosen to perform custom LASIK with Intralase flaps on all our LASIK patients, if they qualify. Some surgeons who charge less for LASIK are not currently using wavefront guided lasers or bladeless LASIK. After performing both, Dr. Sucheski has seen improved results with the current technology that he offers to every patient who qualifies.

How Eye Associates is different:

1. Experience

Experience is crucial in determining your refractive surgery result. Dr. Sucheski was the first surgeon to perform LASIK at the Wills Surgery Center in Bucks County in 1999 and has actively taught other surgeons to perform LASIK at Wills Eye Hospital, which is considered one of the top 3 eye hospitals in the world, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Dr. Sucheski also performs advanced surface ablation (PRK), LASEK, and multifocal intraocular lenses, so he can choose the procedure most appropriate for your eyes. He has performed LASIK surgery on thousands of eyes, including dozens of physicians’ eyes. He has also personally performed the surgery on his wife, brother and other relatives, so he truly believes in the safety of the procedure. Several of the Wills eye nursing staff who observe the LASIK procedure chose Dr. Sucheski for their own LASIK surgery . Dr. Sucheski was the first surgeon to perform bladeless, Intralase LASIK (iLASIK) at the Wills Eye Surgery Center in Bucks County. The precision of laser flap creation has added a new safety to the procedure to add safety to your visual results.

LASIK Surgery | Chalfont

2. Outcomes

The FDA results of CustomVue LASIK are very impressive ( A higher percentage of patients are achieving 20/20 vision with a higher quality of vision than with standard LASIK. More importantly, Custom LASIK offers unprecedented safety versus standard LASIK. Some patients achieved better night vision than with their glasses or contacts. Not everyone is a candidate for custom LASIK. We proudly offer custom LASIK to all patients who qualify. Dr. Sucheski doesn’t believe in tiered pricing, so he chooses the best procedure for your eyes at one fixed cost. Some centers with a lower price are not offering wavefront guided treatments and Intralase flaps as their standard procedure, so make certain when comparing price to ask the provider if bladeless Intralase wavefront LASIK is being offered.

3. Caring/Availability

Unlike most centers, Drs. Sucheski does all the pre-op testing and all of the post-op care himself. This is critical to achieving a great result. Only your surgeon can customize your LASIK treatment to fit your needs. This becomes important for custom designing the treatment to fit your occupational and personal needs. Many patients don’t realize that many centers delegate the most important part of the surgical plan to non-ophthalmologists. This simply doesn’t happen in our practice. Dr. Sucheski performs all of the wavefront scans that are entered into the laser himself on the day of surgery or during the consultation to assure their quality. Patients are amazed at how much time and caring they get at Eye Associates directly with their surgeon.

Should a problem arise in the post-op care, Dr. Sucheski will be equipped to immediately deal with it, preventing unnecessary delay that may compromise your outcome. He is available to you at all times and you can have an added confidence that you can immediately get response from your doctor should a problem arise.

4. Extensive testing

Dr. Sucheski will take the time to explain the risks to you. We do all necessary pre-op testing in our office prior to the surgery date. If we feel that there is a high risk, he will give you an honest opinion that you should not have LASIK and the consult is still no charge. We are committed to a “first, do no harm” approach to LASIK. He will caringly and confidently guide you through the procedure each step of the way. The evaluations are done without any charge or obligation. We want you to feel confident about your surgeon and surgery. Most patients that have multiple consultations have surgery with us. We encourage those who have had previous evaluations to come meet us to discuss your needs.

5. Affordability

We want to make laser vision correction available and affordable for most people. Through financing with Care Credit, the cost can be as low as $90/month with approval. The total cost of the procedure is $1850/eye for PRK, and $2250/eye for CustomVue bladeless Intralase LASIK at Wills Eye in Bucks County. This includes free enhancements for 1 year, and one year of post-operative care.

We want to continue lifetime care for our patients. We stress the importance of continued eye care for years after the surgery. Although we can’t offer guarantees that you will remain perfect for life, we do wish for you to continue your eye care with us so we can continue to offer established patients future improvements at a discounted rate over new patients. No doctor can predict what the future of vision correction may hold, but we are committed to offering our patients these advances as they arise.

6. Realistic Expectations: Aids in Patient Satisfaction

LASIK Surgery | ChalfontThe overwhelming majority of patients who have had LASIK surgery are fully satisfied with their results – having experienced the significant benefits of improved vision. However, as with any medical or surgical procedure, for certain patients the outcome of the procedure may not seem “ideal” or meet all of your expectations. Dr. Sucheski will take the time to understand your visual needs and lifestyle you seek. If your needs are not met, he’ll continue to advise you of your options to improve your situation.

Since no medical procedure is 100% perfected, enhancements to your vision may be necessary through either further laser vision correction or even contacts or glasses. Presbyopia is the loss of the range of focus that begins in our 40’s and worsens with time Therefore, the available range of vision lessens (worsens) if you had LASIK or not. Currently monovision, presbyopia correcting intraocular lenses, glasses or contacts are the only available treatments for progressing presbyopia. There are other technologies under development at this time for presbyopia, but none are FDA approved to date.

Fortunately, nearly all surveyed patients would choose to have the procedure done again. Many have referred their friends to our practice based on their positive experiences.

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